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52 Commits (a0de016e1c6bb2fb8a2fbb1bb358ee5a3f015359)

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raucao a0de016e1c
Add single sidekiq process for new scheduler queue 10 months ago
raucao 38756fd296
Upgrade Mastodon to latest version 10 months ago
greg bb0e73d1b9 Switch ejabberd, mastodon and gitea to a hostname for Postgres 2 years ago
raucao ad64bfc0be Update system package dependencies for 20.04 2 years ago
raucao 971a3a25a1 Remove extra license headers 2 years ago
raucao 4d0259493f Update system package dependencies for 20.04 2 years ago
raucao c4fa9e6ec1
Remove extra license headers 2 years ago
greg 4583421597 Connect to the PostgreSQL primary server instead of localhost 2 years ago
raucao 5fcb047505
Update Mastodon system dependencies 2 years ago
raucao 66782f1f05
Update installed Ruby version for Mastodon 3.x 3 years ago
greg 3be9b2fb44 Update yarn to the latest version 3 years ago
greg 438c5ff72d Fix the services restarting every time the recipe is executed 3 years ago
greg 4b39ea60dd Set the NODE_ENV variable when running yarn 3 years ago
greg b1cfa6f6f7 Install Java for Elasticsearch 3 years ago
greg dace5672e4 Move the java heap size to an attribute 3 years ago
greg fdb4353ac0 Raise the memory limit for Elasticsearch 3 years ago
greg 245392c4ad Install Elasticsearch 6.8.2 3 years ago
greg 039da3d35a Install Elasticsearch and enable it in Mastodon 3 years ago
greg d398c167ca Allow to pass extra attributes to backup PostgreSQL databases 3 years ago
greg 90815bb274 Fix the postgresql credentials for the backup attributes 3 years ago
greg 7271065c5b Add names to the execute resources 3 years ago
raucao 2def42b744
Update Ruby version for Mastodon 4 years ago
greg 57d0885d26 Change the licenses of hte kosmos cookbooks to MIT 4 years ago
greg e65374c893 Add TODO prefix 4 years ago
greg 67a2c1ea55 Fix the mastodon user variable 4 years ago
greg 39744f517f Fix an undefined variable on older Ubuntu versions 4 years ago
greg 919f5db431 Fix the application resources to work on Chef 14 4 years ago
greg 126b5f8dd5 Update the kosmos-mastodon cookbook to use the new postgresql cookbook 4 years ago
greg 1ef24a2091 Install bundler 1.17.3 since we're still on Ruby 2.5 for now 4 years ago
greg 58b5e5ac22 Move the creation of the SystemD service files outside of the application 4 years ago
greg 17f1b2a20a Create a nginx_certbot_site resource to remove duplication 4 years ago
raucao f082269e66
Use Gitea repo, new branch, new Ruby 4 years ago
raucao 90851fb7de Update Mastodon's Ruby 4 years ago
raucao 4bccf4dd88 Fix missing Mastodon/PosgreSQL backups 4 years ago
greg e6a3460a2c Make the number of sidekiq threads configurable, bump to 25 4 years ago
raucao adbfc14765 Update Mastodon deps 4 years ago
greg c3933012dd We install nodejs from package, update paths 5 years ago
greg 8653a8fa97 Use jemalloc1 on Puma and Sidekiq to lower the memory usage 5 years ago
raucao 206e807ac7 Use custom version of poise-javascript 5 years ago
raucao 5b1c583313 Update node and yarn 5 years ago
raucao 08330e8749 Update Ruby and Yarn for Mastodon 5 years ago
raucao 69b38552c6 Add vapid keys 5 years ago
raucao 2f6ab1e0b1 Add new apt deps, missing yarn install 5 years ago
raucao e39792ea36 Update Mastodon Redis config 5 years ago
greg 9065db8476 Update mastodon cookbook for 1.4.1 5 years ago
greg 2f0ff1f559 Fixed code styling 6 years ago
greg 208d6de94d Add dependency on redis and do backups again 6 years ago
raucao fe44b29b62 Use kosmos branch for Mastodon 6 years ago
raucao 764746a009 Remove obsolete commented code 6 years ago
raucao 0cf22f7f71 Use server name from attribute everywhere 6 years ago