24 Commits (90cb219d799e8775a1883aec5ee0fad04078b737)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  greg 90cb219d79 Change the color for the docs label to ead746 1 year ago
  greg 9c36ebeb14 Add the docs label to the Kosmos label set 1 year ago
  greg f8d964f8d2 Bump the api version for the Deployment resource to apps/v1 1 year ago
  greg 4e225ab1af Update Gitea to 1.9.0 1 year ago
  raucao 12fc74d8ff
Upgrade Gitea to 1.8.1 1 year ago
  raucao 490248909b
Update Gitea to 1.8.0 1 year ago
  greg e0741b4438 Ship the customizations as a Docker image 1 year ago
  greg b5bbc5fa34 Update Gitea to 1.7.5 1 year ago
  raucao 915fd7db8a
Add resource requests and limits for Gitea 1 year ago
  greg bbfa3f2964 Add a script to copy the content of the custom folder to a running pod 1 year ago
  greg cc6f31b4b9 Update Gitea to 1.7.2 1 year ago
  greg 069502d056 Bump the gitea data storage to 20GB 1 year ago
  greg 278e6a9cd7 Use a 10GB persistent storage volume for gitea data 1 year ago
  greg eba722992f Copy the labels to the persistent data volume 1 year ago
  raucao 526f4b9035 Upgrade Gitea to 1.7.1 1 year ago
  raucao 28b73f88a8 Use 1.7 release of Gitea 2 years ago
  raucao 3692204ce4 Add app label for all Gitea resources 2 years ago
  greg bf62157f26 Remove the init environment variables 2 years ago
  greg 4c463adcda Add initial Kubernetes config files 2 years ago