Federated social network node, running on kosmos.social https://kosmos.social
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- content_for :page_title do
= t('doorkeeper.authorized_applications.index.title')
%th= t('doorkeeper.authorized_applications.index.application')
%th= t('doorkeeper.authorized_applications.index.scopes')
%th= t('doorkeeper.authorized_applications.index.created_at')
- @applications.each do |application|
- if application.website.blank?
= application.name
- else
= link_to application.name, application.website, target: '_blank', rel: 'noopener'
%th= application.scopes.map { |scope| t(scope, scope: [:doorkeeper, :scopes]) }.join('<br />').html_safe
%td= l application.created_at
- unless application.superapp?
= table_link_to 'times', t('doorkeeper.authorized_applications.buttons.revoke'), oauth_authorized_application_path(application), method: :delete, data: { confirm: t('doorkeeper.authorized_applications.confirmations.revoke') }