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Eugen Rochko d5bfba3262
Do not test PAM authentication by default (#9027) 4 years ago
Eugen Rochko 2288d50a7b
Add force_login option to OAuth authorize page (#8655) 4 years ago
Yamagishi Kazutoshi d10447c3a8 Use raw status code on have_http_status (#7214) 5 years ago
Alexander 8e88a18316 update gem, test pam authentication (#7028) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko df605f0f8b Add "signed in as" header to some pages (#4523) 5 years ago
René Klačan dcf0530218 Make sure email is case insensitive on all places (#3688) 6 years ago
Akinori MUSHA f6a93fc150 Go to root after login in single user mode (#3289) 6 years ago
Matt Jankowski 268dd32d76 Auth sign out (#2511) 6 years ago
Matt Jankowski b48f2cbc8b Catch error when server decryption fails on 2FA (#2512) 6 years ago
alpaca-tc 9317ec8eb1 Localize with i18n for Devise::FailureApp (#2309) 6 years ago
Patrick Figel df4ff9a8e1 Add recovery code support for two-factor auth (#1773) 6 years ago
Eugen Rochko 7ac574d9a9 Fix #148 - Devise mailer fixed, test spec added so it won't slip past again 6 years ago
Eugen Rochko 7e14eefc81 Replace logo, fix #57 - delete/unreblog/unfavourite API, fix #45 - app 6 years ago
Eugen Rochko 10ba09f546 Upgrade to Rails 6 years ago
Eugen Rochko ff2cbc0753 Remember me enabled by default 7 years ago