Federated social network node, running on kosmos.social https://kosmos.social
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.card{ style: "background-image: url(#{@account.header.url(:medium)})" }
- if user_signed_in? && current_account.id != @account.id
- if current_account.following?(@account)
= link_to 'Unfollow', unfollow_account_path(@account), data: { method: :post }, class: 'button'
- else
= link_to 'Follow', follow_account_path(@account), data: { method: :post }, class: 'button'
.avatar= image_tag @account.avatar.url(:large)
= display_name(@account)
%small= "@#{@account.username}"
.account__header__content= Formatter.instance.simplified_format(@account)
.counter{ class: active_nav_class(account_url(@account)) }
= link_to account_url(@account) do
%span.counter-label Posts
%span.counter-number= @account.statuses.count
.counter{ class: active_nav_class(following_account_url(@account)) }
= link_to following_account_url(@account) do
%span.counter-label Following
%span.counter-number= @account.following.count
.counter{ class: active_nav_class(followers_account_url(@account)) }
= link_to followers_account_url(@account) do
%span.counter-label Followers
%span.counter-number= @account.followers.count