Federated social network node, running on kosmos.social https://kosmos.social
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- content_for :header_tags do
= javascript_include_tag 'application_public'
- content_for :page_title do
= Rails.configuration.x.local_domain
- content_for :header_tags do
%meta{ property: 'og:site_name', content: 'Mastodon' }/
%meta{ property: 'og:type', content: 'website' }/
%meta{ property: 'og:title', content: Rails.configuration.x.local_domain }/
%meta{ property: 'og:description', content: "Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server. A decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your communication. Anyone can run Mastodon and participate in the social network seamlessly" }/
%meta{ property: 'og:image', content: asset_url('mastodon_small.jpg') }/
%meta{ property: 'og:image:width', content: '400' }/
%meta{ property: 'og:image:height', content: '400' }/
%meta{ property: 'twitter:card', content: 'summary' }/
= image_tag 'logo.png'
%p= t('about.about_mastodon').html_safe
%p= t('about.about_instance', instance: Rails.configuration.x.local_domain).html_safe
.screenshot= image_tag 'screenshot.png'
= link_to t('about.terms'), terms_path
= link_to t('about.source_code'), 'https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon'
= link_to t('about.get_started'), new_user_registration_path, class: 'button webapp-btn'
= link_to t('auth.login'), new_user_session_path, class: 'button webapp-btn'