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  raucao 279a4a48fe
Add css-color plugin 8 months ago
  raucao f78610c53f
Add vim-polyglot 9 months ago
  raucao aa19d5997d
Remove obsolete syntax plugins 9 months ago
  raucao dd21abc72a
Update plugins 9 months ago
  raucao c5b50e82c6
Add Tern and TypeScript plugins 9 months ago
  raucao 6e9ea8b22b
Remove/add plugins 9 months ago
  raucao ef5bef3813 Add typescript syntax plugin 2 years ago
  raucao d96f6fc4ea Use python 3 for ycmd 2 years ago
  raucao 5cace51994 Remove outdated gist plugin 2 years ago
  raucao e15d204347 Improve gvimrc 2 years ago
  raucao e1a9ea6458 Update plugins and config 2 years ago
  raucao 1b6471fb83 Use new name for system clipboard 4 years ago
  raucao 7eeeb08628 Add ember-cli testing plugin 6 years ago
  raucao c53f085220 Revert "Add YankRing" 6 years ago
  raucao ea7005d2b5 Set terminal colors 6 years ago
  raucao 7172bf9b98 Add YankRing 6 years ago
  raucao 01a3e83b03 Update ctags location 6 years ago
  raucao 9a9a96bed8 Remove youcompleteme 6 years ago
  raucao 5c97c3f057 Add new tcomment plugin 6 years ago
  raucao 437835273b Remove old tcomment plugin 6 years ago
  raucao 4ed353c28d Add xml plugin 6 years ago
  raucao d59d884d31 Use tabs in Makefiles 6 years ago
  raucao 3282adcd91 Add ctrlp matcher 6 years ago
  raucao d25ce5253a Re-add fugitive from GitHub repo 7 years ago
  raucao c9fcf24409 Remove fugitive 7 years ago
  raucao 0c0976f935 Update syntastic 7 years ago
  raucao 5f91b43aec Fix module conf 7 years ago
  raucao 7cb2dd0d90 Updates 7 years ago
  raucao d82f17f63b Revert "Add autoclose plugin" 7 years ago
  raucao 51bcb6449c Add autoclose plugin 7 years ago
  raucao 2415bf0377 Easy hashrockets 7 years ago
  raucao 1ee7c6984c Disable matchparen plugin 7 years ago
  raucao 52badc4c2a Add align plugin 7 years ago
  raucao 15e480d03e Add comment 7 years ago
  raucao 572ef7ddd5 Improve commit message editing 7 years ago
  raucao 9c48f96850 Add vim-stylus 7 years ago
  raucao 988f79668b Add syntastic and proper HTML/JS indentation 7 years ago
  raucao e9ce0a0213 Comment 7 years ago
  raucao e51542f6c6 Use system clipboard 7 years ago
  raucao e1f1dc0d13 Add smyck color scheme 7 years ago
  raucao 08e4b0d12c Make insert mode/location more visible 7 years ago
  raucao b1e5c1dcf0 Update gist-vim 7 years ago
  raucao a1c74dbd5a Update pathogen 7 years ago
  raucao 87657b70f0 Add handlebars and youcompleteme 7 years ago
  raucao 8215ebc2ad Remove colors-solarized 7 years ago
  raucao 645ab2a71c Remove supertab and css-color 7 years ago
  raucao 0271d88052 Needs moar ctags 9 years ago
  Sebastian Kippe cb38933da0 Add link to screencast 9 years ago
  Sebastian Kippe 9c2ba90b91 Remove vim-peepopen 9 years ago
  Sebastian Kippe d857c5710e Add readme 9 years ago