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Blockstream Satellite - with ruby to space and back

Ruby gem to interact with the Blockstream Satellite API.

To learn more about the Blockstream Satellite check their website and API documentation.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'blockstream_satellite'

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install blockstream_satellite

Because of an protobuf issue with Ruby 2.6 a ruby version < 2.6 is required


Quick example

require "blockstream_satellite"

order = BlockstreamSatellite::Order.create(path: '/path/to/file')
puts order.status # pending
order.pay # sends the lightning payment using the configured lnd client; request is synchronous

puts order.status # transmitting
puts order.status # sent


In order to be able to pay for the lightninig invoice you need to connect to you lightning node.
(By default the testnet cert and macaroon files are loaded from ~/.lnd and localhost:10009 is used)

lnd_client = Lnrpc::Client.new({
  credentials_path: '/path/to/tls.cert', 
  macaroon_path: '/path/to/admin.macaroon', 
  address: 'localhost:10009'
BlockstreamSatellite.lnd_client = lnd_client

Creating an order

BlockstreamSatellite::Order.create accepts the following parameters:

  • path: path to the file to transmit
  • message: message to transmit; can be used as an alternative path
  • bid: bid for the order. defaults to file size * 51
order = BlockstreamSatellite::Order.create(path: '/path/to/file')

Loading an order by UUID and auth_token

order = BlockstreamSatellite::Order.get(uuid: 'uuid', auth_token: 'auth_token')

Bump the bid for an order

order = BlockstreamSatellite::Order.get(uuid: 'uuid', auth_token: 'auth_token')

Pay for an order

order = BlockstreamSatellite::Order.get(uuid: 'uuid', auth_token: 'auth_token')
# or
order = BlockstreamSatellite::Order.create(path: '/path/to/file')

puts order.status

Missing endpoints:

  • DELETE /order/:uuid
  • GET /orders/queued
  • GET /orders/sent
  • GET /subscribe/:channels


Currently I consider this gem experimental and the codes needs cleanup and tests and docs are missing at this moment. Will try to get is stable soon!


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/bumi/blockstream_satellite.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.