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lowercase sats 2 months ago
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bumi 5fd10bc647 Add icon assets 2 months ago
bumi 5d2c9cd639 Fix: use correct header to get the original request host 2 months ago
bumi bdd3b70e1f
Merge pull request #35 from AaronDewes/patch-1 3 months ago
Aaron Dewes a9a3e8b073
Fix typo 3 months ago
bumi e400782449 Some auto-formatting 3 months ago
bumi 488eef551f Flag for the LND hex strings 3 months ago
bumi fae94fc021 update dependencies 3 months ago
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Merge pull request #33 from runcitadel/go-1.17 3 months ago
bumi 1fbfdf059a
Update README.md 3 months ago
Aaron Dewes f8f8525b01 Actually fix the bug 5 months ago
Aaron Dewes 1ea6ce082b Bug fix 5 months ago
Aaron Dewes 31c8b4d080
Remove useless conversion to string 5 months ago
Aaron Dewes 77d21734c3 Drop go rice and switch to go 1.17 5 months ago
bumi c4b4430387
Update README.md 6 months ago
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Christoph Jerolimov cffdded688 Add icon to readme and favicon to generated code, fixes #28 7 months ago
bumi b100455e09
Merge pull request #30 from bumi/feature/support-forwarded-for-header 8 months ago
bumi 6f2b72caa7
Merge pull request #24 from runcitadel/master 8 months ago
Aaron Dewes 51a8d1ca22
Update README.md 8 months ago
bumi d1be2e20aa Generate lightning address host either from the x-forwarded-for header or from the request host 8 months ago
bumi bf44f314dd
Update README.md 8 months ago
bumi 5ffac5e077
Merge pull request #26 from bumi/configurable-tor-path 8 months ago
bumi 399144acf5
Update README.md 8 months ago
bumi 6548504333 Use full path 8 months ago
bumi 324d5b3b43 Make Tor executable configurable 8 months ago
Aaron Dewes 44befafc6d
Add expose command with default port 8 months ago
Aaron Dewes e3bf2c0537
Update Dockerfile 8 months ago
Aaron Dewes 2b095bbba3 WIP: Docker container 8 months ago
bumi 6b7ab33efe
Update FUNDING.yml 8 months ago
bumi 36d4dec5fd
Merge pull request #22 from bumi/lnurl-logging 8 months ago
bumi 0fd121d130
Merge pull request #23 from bumi/feature/nicer-lnurlp-urls 8 months ago
bumi 9ae6153d47 Nicer LNURLp URLs 9 months ago
bumi 3b7ac31615 Better error logging for the LNURL endpoint 9 months ago
bumi 22bc75d564
Merge pull request #20 from GlenCooper/patch-1 9 months ago
Glen Cooper 2bcd2fd96f
Fix typo in README.md 9 months ago
bumi 9ec4db5144
Create LICENSE 9 months ago
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Merge pull request #18 from crc32/patch-2 9 months ago
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Update README.md with additional Heroku info 9 months ago
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Update README.md for clarity 9 months ago
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Update app.json for Tor on Heroku 9 months ago
Colin Crossman 5dd2c2cdb5
Update app.json 9 months ago
Gregor Pogačnik 3200622b97
Possibility to specify listening IP (#17) 9 months ago
bumi 561610a7b9
Create FUNDING.yml 10 months ago
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Merge pull request #10 from bumi/tor-support 10 months ago
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