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OpenAlias Web

This tool creates custom pages with crypto-currency payment details for any domain with OpenAlias entries.
It can be used as a tipping/donation page. No setup or signup is required. All details are gathered exlusively from the OpenAlias DNS entries.

What is OpenAlias?

OpenAlias (openalias.org) is an open standard for simpler addresses for any crypto currencies. Read more here

At its most basic, OpenAlias is a TXT DNS record on a FQDN (fully qualified domain name). 
By combining this with DNS-related technologies [it has] created an aliasing standard that is extensible for developers, 
intuitive and familiar for users, and can interoperate with both centralised and decentralised domain systems.


Here is the page for the entries from donate@getmonero.org:


How to get your page

If you already have a domain with OpenAlias DNS entries you already have one: https://openalias-web.herokuapp.com/YOUR DOMAIN
If not, simply configure your DNS entries as described on OpenAlias.org (because of DNS propagation it might take a bit until your page is available)


The app is written in Rust and uses the rocket.rs web framework.

To run the app locally:

$ cargo run

Build a release:

$ cargo build --release


The app is deployed on Heroku using the buildpack: emk/heroku-buildpack-rust.


  • DESIGN, DESIGN, DESIGN - a properly design page is required... can you help?
  • get a proper short domain


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/bumi/openalias-web .
(this is my first Rust code, feedback and fixes are very welcome :)


The tool is as available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.