Nginx module to handle file uploads and downloads for XMPP servers
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This Nginx module implements the HTTP server's part of the XMPP extension XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload. It can be used with either ejabberd's mod_http_upload or Prosody's mod_http_upload_external.

Nginx setup

  1. Create a directory and move into it, e.g.:

    # mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/perl
    # wget -O /usr/local/lib/perl/
  2. Install the ngx_http_perl_module. On Debian/Ubuntu-based distributions, the package is called libnginx-mod-http-perl, on RedHat/CentOS-based distributions, it's nginx-mod-http-perl. If you're using Docker, make sure you use the image ending in -perl.

  3. Add the following snippets to the appropriate sections of your Nginx configuration:

    # This directive was probably added by the distribution package already:
    load_module modules/;
    http {
        # Add the following two lines to the existing "http" block.
        perl_modules /usr/local/lib/perl; # Path to
    server {
        # Specify directives such as "listen", "server_name", and TLS-related
        # settings for the "server" that handles the uploads.
        # Uploaded files will be stored below the "root" directory. To minimize
        # disk I/O, make sure the specified path is on the same file system as
        # the directory used by Nginx to store temporary files holding request
        # bodies ("client_body_temp_path", often some directory below /var).
        root /var/www/upload;
        # Specify this "location" block (if you don't use "/", see below):
        location / {
            perl upload::handle;
        # Upload file size limit (default: 1m), also specified in your XMPP
        # server's upload module configuration (see below):
        client_max_body_size 100m;
  4. Open in an editor and adjust the configuration at the top of the file:

    • The $external_secret must match the one specified in your XMPP server's upload module configuration (see below).

    • If the root path of the upload URIs (the location specified in the Nginx server block) isn't / but /some/prefix/, $uri_prefix_components must be set to the number of directory levels. So, for /some/prefix/, it would be 2.

ejabberd setup

Let the mod_http_upload option put_url point to Nginx, and specify exactly the same external_secret as in the settings:

    put_url: ""
    external_secret: "it-is-secret"
    max_size: 104857600 # 100 MiB, also specified in the Nginx configuration.

Prosody setup

Let the mod_http_upload_external option http_upload_external_base_url point to Nginx, and specify exactly the same http_upload_external_secret as in the settings:

http_upload_external_base_url = ""
http_upload_external_secret = "it-is-secret"
http_upload_external_file_size_limit = 104857600 -- 100 MiB


If you have any questions, you could ask in the ejabberd room: (the maintainer of this module is usually joined as Holger).