Stores chat messages in daily archive files
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remoteStorage Module: Chat Messages

Stores chat messages in daily archive documents.


Open a daily archive and write messages to it:

const RemoteStorage = require("remotestoragejs");
const ChatMessages  = require("remotestorage-module-chat-messages");
const remoteStorage = new RemoteStorage({ modules: [ ChatMessages ] });

const archive = new remoteStorage.chatMessages.DailyArchive({
  service: {
    protocol: 'IRC',
    domain: ''
  channelName: '#kosmos',
  date: new Date(),
  isPublic: true // Channel logs will be written to public folder

const messages = [
  { "date": "2015-06-05T17:35:28.454Z", "user": "jimmy", "text": "knock knock" },
  { "date": "2015-06-05T17:36:05.123Z", "user": "walter", "text": "who's there?" }


See the inline source code documentation (JSDoc) for usage details and function arguments. For a real-world integration example, see hubot-remotestorage-logger.

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