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Kredits IPFS Pinner

This tool pins the IPFS documents of a Kredits organization on any IPFS node.


Make sure you have a local IPFS node running. (See --help for custom IPFS config flags, in case it is not running on localhost with default ports.)

With NPX magic

npx @kredits/ipfs-pinner

Global install

npm install -g @kredits/ipfs-pinner

From repo

Clone the Git repository, then use npm scripts from its root directory.

npm start

Or with debug output:

npm run debug

CLI options

Display progress bars:

kredits-ipfs-pinner --progress

Or with npm:

npm start -- --progress

Keep running and watch for new data/documents:

kredits-ipfs-pinner --watch

Multiple options at once:

kredits-ipfs-pinner --progress --watch