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bumi 449696fbb6 v0.14.3.1 - v0.14.3 was wrongly published to rubygems and yanked 3 weeks ago
bumi 5194b2b413 v0.14.3 3 weeks ago
bumi dbba4fd09a Merge branch 'v0.14.3' 3 weeks ago
bumi 135bc614aa version bump (this is actually v0.14.1) 3 weeks ago
bumi 1fd764f55a Update gRPC files for v.14.3 3 weeks ago
bumi a839d09e6e version bump 3 weeks ago
bumi 050f0d0802 Update script to generate grpc service files 3 weeks ago
bumi 30b1f2bddc
Merge pull request #20 from bumi/v0.14.1-beta 4 weeks ago
bumi df9165414f
Merge branch 'master' into v0.14.1-beta 4 weeks ago
bumi 57f36b69ff More examples 1 month ago
bumi 26e15192eb bundle update 1 month ago
bumi ddeea4da42 Update grpc files for v0.14.1-beta 1 month ago
bumi 780a638c0e
Merge pull request #16 from azuchi/fix_typo 7 months ago
azuchi cb549f4fe6 Fix typo 8 months ago
bumi 80bf0bb600
Merge pull request #15 from iraszl/master 11 months ago
Ivan Raszl fcf2486af3 add examples for message signing/verification, get node/channel info 11 months ago
bumi 6ab8336244
Merge pull request #14 from iraszl/master 11 months ago
Ivan Raszl ccda3a0aa0
Merge pull request #1 from iraszl/iraszl-patch-1 12 months ago
Ivan Raszl 957515b0fe
Fix typo in README.md 12 months ago
bumi 21f6466529 Update google-protobuf dependency that works with latest ruby versions 1 year ago
bumi cc53130a16 v0.13.0 1 year ago
bumi 46020e5d0b grpc files for v0.13.0-beta 1 year ago
bumi 0bba8170b8 v0.12.1 1 year ago
bumi 641b8113f2 grpc files for v0.12.1-beta 1 year ago
bumi 0ceddc872b Update Readme 1 year ago
bumi df02052101 Update dependencies 1 year ago
bumi a891ab0236 Bump version 2 years ago
bumi 2f7ae9202f Support credentials as hex value 2 years ago
bumi 704c4c9256
Update README.md 2 years ago
bumi 2e903a25bd
Update examples.rb 2 years ago
bumi b42d640767
Update examples.rb 2 years ago
bumi f31a499e49 v0.11.0 2 years ago
bumi fbf38c255e Add script to generate LND ruby GRPC service files 2 years ago
bumi 404ed3b99e Add support for v0.11 GRPC services 2 years ago
bumi 579fc423ea
Update examples.rb 2 years ago
bumi b6e048455d Add funding metadata to gemspec 2 years ago
bumi 9b6342becc Update README for v0.10.0 2 years ago
bumi 3765d9f4a6 gitignore build .gem files 2 years ago
bumi c9e4f23cf4 v0.10.0 with support for routerrpc 2 years ago
bumi 9b098ef53e v0.10.0 2 years ago
bumi c8a7a6e657 v0.9.0 2 years ago
bumi e2bad78744 Update rpc files for v0.9.0-beta 2 years ago
bumi 24a6390f89
Merge pull request #10 from bumi/dependabot/bundler/rake-tw-13.0 2 years ago
dependabot[bot] 50cda0406c
Update rake requirement from ~> 10.0 to ~> 13.0 2 years ago
bumi 0c45536158 Actually it should be v0.8.0 3 years ago
bumi f219a4f254 v0.8.0-beta 3 years ago
bumi ebc8dc7b37 bundle update 3 years ago
bumi 3e622ebb54 Update rpc files for v0.8.0-beta 3 years ago
bumi ac284d3e06 v0.8.0.beta.rc1 3 years ago
bumi bdcc1d008d Update grpc files for v8.0.0.beta-rc1 3 years ago