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bumi 21f6466529 Update google-protobuf dependency that works with latest ruby versions 1 year ago
bumi df02052101 Update dependencies 1 year ago
bumi 404ed3b99e Add support for v0.11 GRPC services 2 years ago
bumi b6e048455d Add funding metadata to gemspec 2 years ago
dependabot[bot] 50cda0406c
Update rake requirement from ~> 10.0 to ~> 13.0 2 years ago
bumi 1b0a8a7df2 v0.7.1 3 years ago
bumi b80de92700 Update grpc and google-protobuf to support ruby 2.6 and such 4 years ago
bumi 342c286115 typo 4 years ago
bumi 669a0dff80 hello lnd world 4 years ago