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raucao abec4be8ff
Update Gemfile.lock 3 weeks ago
raucao efda3f6fdb Merge pull request 'Update Sockethub to 4.1.0' (#339) from chore/update_sockethub into master 3 weeks ago
raucao 2a5d68cda9
Update Sockethub to 4.1.0 3 weeks ago
raucao 483481b141 Merge pull request 'Deploy Sockethub from the npm package' (#146) from feature/145-sockethub_from_npm into master 3 weeks ago
raucao 0ffddb9d0f Merge pull request 'Upgrade Gitea to 1.14.6' (#336) from chore/upgrade_gitea into master 1 month ago
raucao 8bbb4deed7
Upgrade Gitea to 1.14.6 1 month ago
raucao fe66092c26 Merge pull request 'Upgrade LND to 0.13.1' (#335) from chore/upgrade_lnd into master 1 month ago
raucao bf009d6822
Upgrade LND to 0.13.1 1 month ago
greg e00d6c3a86 Use the sockethub role in the run list 2 months ago
greg 383a46676e Create a role for sockethub 2 months ago
greg eed27713ff Add the sockethub firewall rule to centaurus 2 months ago
greg b5e7e4ab85 Use DNS validation to generate/renew the TLS cert 2 months ago
greg 7c2aae6650 Add sockethub to nodejs-2's run list 2 months ago
greg d135b3873c Switch to a systemd unit Chef resource 2 months ago
greg e9c86081f7 Update sockethub to the latest npm release 2 months ago
greg b8ac5e1c07 Merge branch 'master' into feature/145-sockethub_from_npm 2 months ago
greg 7fc0a65a22 Merge pull request 'Upgrade all bitcoin software to latest versions' (#328) from chore/upgrade_bitcoin_software into master 3 months ago
greg bb6394ab42 Merge pull request 'Add Tor support for LND' (#332) from feature/lnd_tor into chore/upgrade_bitcoin_software 3 months ago
greg b17c81a1aa Merge branch 'chore/upgrade_bitcoin_software' into feature/lnd_tor 3 months ago
raucao b7af04e8be
Support Tor connections for LND 3 months ago
raucao 9f0b5f0e64
(tor) Add support for ControlPort and CookieAuthentication 3 months ago
raucao c60e65020b Merge pull request 'Auto-unlock LND wallet/node' (#331) from feature/auto_unlock_lnd into chore/upgrade_bitcoin_software 3 months ago
raucao 37873fb881
Add data bag for LND credentials 3 months ago
raucao 4bda4d7857
Install LND with all subsystems enabled 3 months ago
raucao 2ca576468e
Auto-unlock LND wallet/node 3 months ago
raucao a65065c793 Upgrade all bitcoin software to latest versions 3 months ago
raucao f095094cf7 Fix compilation issue with dotnet services 3 months ago
raucao 3dcb9e76ce Update node info 3 months ago
greg aa98b07f33 Merge pull request 'Configure/deploy RSKj' (#326) from feature/deploy_rsk_testnet into master 3 months ago
greg 54274cef77 Merge branch 'master' into feature/deploy_rsk_testnet 3 months ago
greg 65140f92ed Merge pull request 'Upgrade Gitea to 1.14.3' (#327) from chore/322-update_gitea into master 3 months ago
raucao b6d0bafce0
Remove license header, improve formatting 3 months ago
raucao bbaeeb5099
Upgrade Gitea to 1.14.3 3 months ago
raucao 40a943354a
Update generated docs 3 months ago
greg 5bc4266857 Merge pull request 'Use Chef Workstation's ruby with rbenv' (#324) from chore/remove_bundler_version_lock into master 3 months ago
greg 9a3565c11f Only keep the knife-zero gem in the Gemfile 3 months ago
raucao cbdbb9c2eb
Switch to dokken for testing in kitchen 3 months ago
raucao 37787ce3e6
Specify package version for rskj 3 months ago
raucao 2063f5c953
WIP RSK cookbook 3 months ago
raucao d7af1a57d1
Create RSK testnet VM 3 months ago
raucao bda100313e
Update README 4 months ago
raucao ec75f1446c
Use chef-workstation Ruby with rbenv 4 months ago
raucao 6bd76ebec6
Don't require old bundler version 4 months ago
raucao dbdb803b7a Merge pull request 'Upgrade Gitea from 1.13.1 to 1.13.7' (#321) from chore/update_gitea into master 5 months ago
raucao 7624bcec11
Upgrade Gitea from 1.13.1 to 1.13.7 5 months ago
greg 18a5e0d5d0 Merge pull request 'Deploy hubots from Gitea repos' (#320) from chore/hubot_repos into master 5 months ago
raucao f9c992e48e Merge branch 'master' into chore/hubot_repos 5 months ago
greg 87d50d067c Add updated upstream nodejs cookbook 5 months ago
raucao c99f82fcd4
Update cookbook version 5 months ago
raucao 29e1d64ae0
Remove superfluous license headers from recipe files 5 months ago